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Sports bras for big sizes – 4 Mostly questions

“More sport!”, This is probably one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions far and wide. Is it also on your list? On my “How-is-2018-even-better-than-2017?” Since good intentions should be put into action immediately, and an excuse less never hurts, I start with the preparation: First of all, I have created a training plan that I try to keep as possible. In addition to cardio units, such as jogging and cycling, I have also enrolled for a tummy-legs-butt course. Quickly shopped three sports pants and several functional tops, and you’re ready to go. And the best comes last, the sports bra.

Sports bras for big size

I still need a sports bra for big sizes. Because I’ll never make that momentous mistake again!

Why do I really need a sports bra now? Can not I just use an everyday bra for “doing sports”? That would be the biggest mistake you can make in sports!

You always have to keep in mind that your chest is not just made up of muscles, but glandular, breast and fatty tissue and is held together by tendons and ligaments. As you move, your chest also moves away from its original place, resulting in a heavy load on your chest. So that the connective tissue, its ligaments and tendons are as little as possible strained, stretched and in the worst case overstretched by this “up” and “down”, you need a well-fitting sports bra in your appropriate size. Otherwise, gravity will work faster than you think!

Particularly high-impact sports such as tennis, jogging or intensive cardio interval training can damage the chest if it does not get the necessary support. The breast may then lose firmness and the tissue may sustain permanent damage.

In addition, the weight of a large chest strains back and shoulders. A really well-fitting sports bra ensures optimal support and that you can move freely.

Sports bras for big sizes

1. How do you recognize a good sports bra for big sizes?

The material is the same as that of high quality sports and functional clothing. That is, the material of a good sports bra is breathable, elastic, firm and thus makes any movement.

2. What closure at the sports bra?

In a sports bra for large sizes, it is often crucial which closure the bra has. Especially with models (for smaller cups) without closure, which you simply pull over your head, you can quickly get into trouble with large cups. In addition, they adapt to the body only after repeated wearing and are often very uncomfortable.

That’s why hook-lock models are the best choice. These provide a firm, secure grip and yet you can easily put them on and off.

Attention : When washing sports bras, do not use softener ! But you can always wash it in the washing machine after washing – just read the washing instructions and you’re ready for the next sport!

3. Which straps at the sports bra for big sizes?

The basic rules are quite simple:

  • Straight straps: more comfort
  • Crossed straps: more hold

For some movements I attach more importance to comfort than to strong support, for example when cycling. For that, I prefer wide, straight momentum bearers. But as soon as I move more, it’s important that my chest is actually held – that’s why I prefer wearing the underwired bra with the effect of crossed straps from Panache. Because these straps are very easy to adjust: either they stay straight, or I hang them together at the back, so that the “crossed carrier” effect arises: more hold!

Tip : Due to my big and thus relatively heavy chest, I always struggle with back pain. A good sports bra for large sizes but can relieve the neck and back muscles through its shape and material, which can reduce at least back pain. That is also the reason why I regularly wear a sports bra in everyday life.

4.You have ordered a sports bra online, and ask yourself what you are trying on the first time to see if it suits you?

The seat of the sports bra should be much narrower compared to the normal bra. Sports bras must fit snugly to curb the movement of the chest during exercise through compression. However, they must not impair breathing. If the air is gone, it is too tight. On my cheat sheet “Does the sports bra fit?” I’ll give you pointers on what to look for when choosing your sports bra.