Bali 3446 Satin Tracings Underwire Bra

  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Satin Tracings minimizer bras flatter without flattening so your clothes fit better
  • Minimizes bustline by up to 1
  • 25 inches
  • No more blouse gaps or tops pulling
  • Two-ply back for added back smoothing


Bali 3446 Satin Tracings Underwire Bra

Bali 3446 Satin Tracings Underwire Bra

Minimize your size, not your gorgeous shape, with the beautiful. Satin Tracings minimizer bras flatter without flattening so your clothes fit better.Minimizes bustline by up to 1.25 inches. No more blouse gaps or tops pulling.Two-ply back for added back smoothing.Soft; smooth lining adds comfort and support.Lace-on-satin fabric with lace trim is exceptionally beautiful.Convertible straps let you wear the bra with more outfits.Comfort-U design for stay-in-place straps.Sizes: 34C; 34D; 34DD; 34DDD; 36C; 36D; 36DD; 36DDD; 38C; 38D; 38DD; 38DDD; 40C; 40D; 40DD; 40DDD; 42C; 42D; 42DD; 42DDD;

Minimizer bra has the following features:

  • The special cut of the minimizer bra makes your breasts look smaller by up to two cups. Compared to other bras, the middle bar is slightly higher, which pushes the breasts slightly outwards. As a result you optically lose volume and appear smaller.
  • For optimal support and support of the large breasts, the Minimizer bras have shaped bars and molded cups. These also ensure a round shape of the bust.
  • The Minimizer bra features extra wide straps to optimally distribute the weight of the breasts and ensure a comfortable fit. In addition, the neck and back are relieved.
  • Also, the side panels of the Minimizer bra are wider than a normal bra. These ensure a good fit and optimum grip.

Minimizer bras, if you want a little less bust size

Minimizer bras are the optimal solution for women who suffer from their big bust size. Due to their shape they achieve a visually decreasing effect up to a cup size. This is especially useful if you want to wear a slightly larger neckline for a special occasion, without showing too much. The cut also ensures that the bust is optimally distributed, thus relieving the back.

Minimizer Bras: The perfect solution for large breasts

Women with a large bust know that it also brings a certain weight with it. To relieve the back, Minimizer bras put on wide straps. So not only an optimal hold is offered, but also back pain prevented.