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Matching with Your Size: Buying Bras Advice

Size AA braSize AA to B: Tips for smaller breasts

A bra supports the chest and gives it a hold. For women with small bust size, however, these two functions are not in the foreground. This is mainly about the formative and decorative purposes of the brassiere. For example, a small breasts in a bra without straps, a triangle bra, a bandeau bra will show to advantage. Underwired bras bring the bust in shape. On the other hand, shell bras, which are characterized by slightly reinforced cups, provide for a little more volume. If you want to cheat optically a cup size, you best go for the push-up bra, With its padded cups or special inserts made of foam or gel, he brings the breasts into shape and conjures a lush cleavage.

Size B to D: Tips for medium sized breasts

For middle-breasted women, just about any bra shape looks flattering. Here it depends mainly on how the breast should appear. The soft cups also ensure a very comfortable fit. Even in a strapless bra, a medium-sized breast is in good hands. He offers her enough support and is even indispensable for topless tops. Also well suited is a balconette bra, it raises the chest slightly, which looks very feminine especially at lower cutouts . More bust also conjures up a push-up bra.

Size DD braFrom size D: Tips for bigger breasts

For women with large bust size, it is important that their bra takes on a supportive function and gives their bosoms sufficient support. In underwired bras or preformed cups, such as cup bras or T-shirt bras, luscious breasts are in good hands. The breast is gently modeled and given a natural, round shape. If you want to make your bust size look smaller, it’s best to wear a minimizer bras. Here the diminishing effect is achieved by a special cut. So-called relief bras provide a special sense of well-being and a high wearing comfort, Characteristic for these models are a high bridge, bow less soft cups, a wide under-bust band and wide straps. Broad or padded straps have the advantage that they do not cut uncomfortably in the shoulders. That is why they are also very common in the field of large size bras.

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