Is it harmful not to wear a bra during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is not uncommon to feel that the bra bothers. The breasts are growing and at times it seems that it is better not to use it, that is why you may have the doubt of whether it is bad not to wear a bra during pregnancy; We’ll tell you then.


The use of the bra in pregnancy

One of the things doctors recommend is not to use those bras that have a hoop, because it can be a bit aggressive for the chest area. Keep in mind that the breasts will develop and need a good support, comfortable and that is adaptable to the changes that will take place in your body.

If the fastener exerts incorrect pressure in the region, cysts or mastitis may occur due to the interruption of blood circulation. It is important to choose the right bra to avoid tensions and pains in the area of ​​the shoulders, back and neck.

Nowadays it is possible to find many bras designed exclusively for pregnant women.

Is it wrong for pregnant women not to wear a bra?

It is not that it is bad, but it is not convenient because the breast tissues tend to fall and added to the weight that your breasts acquire during the pregnancy stage, it is recommended that they have a good support so they do not lose their shape.

However, it is good that you do not use it while you sleep, some specialists have associated the fact that sleeping with a bra (pregnant or not) can cause breast cancer.


Tips to choose a good maternity bra

  • First of all it should be comfortable.
  • It has to have adjustable straps.
  • They should not have rings.
  • After a few hours put, verify that you do not leave red lines on the skin (signal that fits you).