How to wear a neckline without bra

V-dress-with-out-braThere are more and more dresses that have a pronounced neckline and many women wonder what may be the best way to wear these clothes without showing the bra. Keep in mind that, in many of these cases, the secret lies in the fact that, basically, bra is not worn but that other methods that enhance the breasts and that are invisible to the eye are chosen. This is the technique used by the celebrities of Hollywood who stroll the red carpet with vertigo necklines, chest enhanced and without the presence of a bra. In this article of a How we are going to discover how to wear a deep v neck dress without a bra so that you know the secrets of the divas that allow them to be perfect on all occasions.

1. One of the most followed tricks to wear a neckline without a bra is to use adhesive tapes. Best trick to be able to wear the most impossible dresses without the bra was seen at any time and, above all, with the chest perfectly placed and raised.

It is a little “glamorous” method but, the truth is that it is highly effective. To do this you must make a tape that is quite wide and tape, as well, avoid direct contact of the glue with our skin.

2. Let’s now tell you how you can put the adhesive tapes to enhance the chest in a very noticeable way. The first thing you have to do is place the tape under your left armpit, for example, while you raise and close your breasts to create an imposing neckline. The tape should go under the chest until you reach the right armpit, it should be tight enough to join the breasts and create a nice cleavage.

Now we must do the same thing but starting by placing the tape in the right armpit and taking it to the left so, in this way, we will achieve that the fix is ​​better fixed and that the result is what we are looking for.

Now we are going to place some plasters on the outer end of each chest and we will place a ribbon vertically that goes from bottom to top to, thus, enhance and elevate the bust. This tape should go through the chest and reach the shoulders, in this way, you will get your breasts are elevated and together without the need for a bra. Test it!


3. This is not the only way that exists to be able to wear cleavage without support because in intimate clothing stores we will also find perfect alternatives for this. Another of the most used methods are the silicone cups that adhere to the skin getting, well, enhance the chest, protect it and hold it properly without having to use a bra. They tend to be flesh-colored to assimilate to our skin color and, although they can glimpse a bit between the clothes, their color helps us to dissimulate to the maximum.

4. Other options are to go to your lingerie store and choose flesh-colored bras that do not have braces, so you will only have the top of the garment that will raise your chest without showing too much of your bra. You can also choose those designs that have a transparent strip on the back and are tied in front, something perfect for dresses that have neckline from behind.

5. If you have a small breast but you want to disguise the nipples, there is nothing better to wear with your suit without a bra but, yes, using nipple top, a type of product sold in lingerie stores and placed over the nipple to prevent it from getting erect. This is a perfect way to disguise that you go without a bra and, thus, be able to wear your dress without any type of impediment.

6. But if you want to show off a vertigo neckline, there’s nothing better than taking maximum care of this area of ​​the body. Think that the skin of the neckline is very vulnerable to the passage of time and, for that reason, it is usually one of the parts that more quickly wrinkles, so we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you to improve to the maximum the appearance of the skin and you can be spectacular.

  • Moisturizes the skin well : both in the morning and at night it is recommended that you apply moisturizing cream in this area. In addition, internal hydration is also important, so you will have to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.
  • Avoid wrinkles : this area tends to wrinkle very easily and, therefore, a good way to prevent the appearance of signs of age is that you apply aloe vera gel 3 to 4 times a week to regenerate the skin, moisturize and stretch it. In the case of having more than 30 years, it is best to apply anti-wrinkle creams daily.
  • It protects the skin from the sun : to avoid the appearance of wrinkles but also of spots it is important that you protect this area from the sun using, always, sun protection even if it is not summer. In this way you will be taking care of your body to the maximum and will be in perfect conditions for more time.
  • Exfoliate once a week : reducing dead skin cells is also essential for the neckline is perfect. So we recommend that once a week you make this treatment using a soft or special scrub for the neckline, remember, that the skin of this area is very delicate.