How to make an easy underwear organizer?

bras-organizer-easyCan not you get your underwear perfectly neat in your drawers? we propose you a solution to always find the perfect pieces of clothing for every occasion. In the following article we explain how to make an underwear organizer. Put an end to finding odd socks, not see your favorite bra or lose between panties and panties that set that you like so much. With this simple craft, you will have your underwear drawers organized in a few minutes.

Easy underwear organizer steps to follow:

  1. Measure the drawer where you usually keep your underwear. You will need to know what is your measure, both long and wide, before you can create the adapted compartments where you will keep your underwear. If necessary, remove the shelf drawer to work better.
  2. Once you have the measurements, look for a piece of cardboard and draw in it the line of the strips that will act as compartments separators. If you are more hands, you can do the craft with pieces of wood. We recommend you make a long pair (to place them forming a cross) and other smaller ones that separate the different spaces. So with the two large ones, you can draw four equal parts in the drawer and with the small ones you make other small squares according to your needs
  3. So that the small strips adapt to the longest ones and are stuck, make small cuts along both with a cutter. Make sure the slots are interspersed. In this way, it will be easier for you to fit them in order to create a compartment.
  4. Finally, place the pieces inside the drawer and build as many departments as you need to order all your underwear. Remember that you must fit the cardboard strips to make the divisions of the drawer and keep your clothes well ordered.
  5. Ready! Now you can place your clothes inside the drawer with certain order and logic. With these simple steps and in a few minutes, you will have your underwear organizer ready to use. Fast and economical