How to choose the most suitable pregnancy bra?

maternity-size-how-toWhen you become pregnant, your chest progressively changes in size and you should buy specific pregnancy bras that are comfortable. But how to choose the right one? We give you some tips.

Choosing a suitable bra for pregnancy is important, both aesthetically and for breast health. Few women are aware of the importance of wearing the right bra and, often, the chosen size is not the correct one. Another important factor to keep in mind is that, when you get pregnant, your chest increases and, therefore, you will have to change the bra size you were wearing so far.

New moms : tips for choose pregnancy bra

To help you choose the pregnancy bra that best fits your body, here are some tips:

  • The outline : It is the width of the back and is a key factor to take into account to choose a bra that fits you, but without oppressing you. The bra tissue must be flexible and adjustable to fit this area. Remember that the appropriate back contour is at chest level, neither higher nor lower.
  • The cup : It is the area of ​​the bra that collects and shapes the chest. It must fit perfectly to your chest; without being bigger or smaller than necessary.
  • The suspenders : The most comfortable are those made with elastic fabrics. The rigid ones do not adjust well to the movements and those that use fancy fabrics, like brocades or lace, tend to yield. Remember that the strap must be wide enough to provide a good grip and be comfortable on the shoulders.
  • Sports : To practice physical activity during pregnancy, choose a specific bra that helps you hold this part of your body as you should.

In short, you should look for that pregnancy bra that does not oppress you and with which you feel comfortable to carry out your day to day.