How to choose bras for pregnant women?

Choose bras for pregnant women

Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, and also later with breastfeeding, your chest will experience noticeable changes. Therefore, it is important that you invest in a good bra for each stage, mainly to be comfortable but also for your health. Here we offer some ideas to choose your bras. But be careful, not all pregnant women experience the same changes at the same time.


First trimester

There are women who experience swelling of the breast as one of their first symptoms of pregnancy. If it is your case, even if you do not notice your tummy you should already think about changing bra. Choose a size larger than usual, soft materials such as cotton and no rim, because it can press your chest and bother you. On the other hand, if you still do not notice any change, you can continue with your usual bra during these first months.

Second quarter

Here you will begin to notice an increase in the volume of your breasts, and perhaps also in your contour since the rib cage is expanding because of the greater lung activity (it is logical, you are breathing for two). Find a bra that suits the size you have now, both outline and do not fall into the temptation to buy a larger “to last” because it is likely that you increase size again.

Some pregnant at this stage feel discomfort in the breasts when sleeping on their side, and in that case they are advised to sleep with a bra, but always with a soft one that does not leave marks on the skin. In the same way, if you play sports you should wear a special bra.

Third trimester


There are pregnancy bras that are ideal for this final stretch. Its straps are wider to distribute the weight better, and the closures are adjustable to go adapting to changes in size. Choose one that you can place yourself with the greatest possible comfort. There are very nice models that you can choose to continue being pregnant and sexy at the same time.

You may prefer to save money by choosing a nursing bra now. The problem is that some women, with the milk drop, the breast again increases in size. If this becomes your case, you must replace it.


Now you should wear breastfeeding bras, which are those with closures in the cups that allow you to lower them without unfastening the bra, so that the baby has quick access to the nipple. If you have doubts about the size, ask for advice in the store when you go to buy it.

Using the right bra is essential, not only to take care of your comfort but also to prevent back pain and breast flaccidity. Remember to buy at least two bras at each stage to always have a replacement.

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