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Calculate cup size: How to correct measuring bras size

Finding the right cup size for the bra is especially important. Many women wear their bra every day, a good and comfortable fit should be self-evident.

However, studies have shown that up to 50 percent of women wear a badly fitting bra. Why is that? For one thing, it may well be that you are wearing the wrong cup size, perhaps because your chest has changed since you bought the bra, or because the bra has not been tried on properly. In addition, many women have problems to find the right bra size for themselves.


A badly fitting bra not only feels uncomfortable, it can also cause tension or even chest pain . It is therefore advisable to measure your own chest circumference from time to time and see if you are still shopping with the right size in mind.

How to measure bra size at home correctly?

With our tips for measuring and calculating the cup size you will find your perfect fitting bra guaranteed.

Measure the cup size

To calculate your own cup size, you need a tape measure. If you do not have one at hand, you can also do it with a line which you can later adjust with a folding rule.

The cup size results from the lower breast circumference and the upper breast circumference, which you first measure yourself in order to be able to calculate your cup size later. Please note:

  • When measuring, wear a bra that fits you well.
  • Measure standing up
  • Breathe normally and never try to feed your stomach.
  • Measure in front of a mirror to check if you really keep the measuring tape level.
  • The measuring tape should lie flat and not stretch, but also not too loose.
  • Measure in a cycle section where your breasts may not be swollen, for example in the second half of the cycle . The time after the period and before ovulation is ideal.
  • If necessary, let someone help you.

Measure the upper breast circumference

The upper breast circumference is measured at the largest part of the breast, at the level of the nipples. Guide the measuring tape horizontally once around the body. Please make sure that the tape is loose, but not too loose. Make a note of the measured centimeter number.

Measure under bust circumference

Measure the under bust circumference by placing the measuring tape around the body just below the breast. Make a note of the measurements of your under-bust girth.

Calculate cup size

The example of the cup size 80 C, the interaction of upper and lower breasts can easily explain: The 80 stands for the approximate underbust size in centimeters. Someone with the underbust 81 will be more likely to fall to a size of 80 or 85, depending on which size fits better.

For the breast size is the letter, in our example with the 80 C thus the C. To calculate the actual cup size, one determines the difference between the measures of the upper and lower breasts. To stay with our 80C example:

The upper breast width of the woman is 96 centimeters, the underbust 81. 97 minus 81 gives a difference of 15 centimeters. According to the table below, the woman has cup size C. You may also fit cup size B. A bra should therefore be tried before buying.



The size chart is a set guide, but every woman is unique.

Remember that the most important thing is that the bra is in the right place. Try different shapes to see what suits you and what makes you feel good.