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    Is sleeping with a bra on bad for you?

    Many women prefer to sleep with a bra because it is more comfortable and they wonder if they are really doing it right or if it is a harmful act for our body. Around this debate are mixed various theories that speak of the harmful effects that can get us to wear the bra 24 hours a day. They are true? In this article from How We Want to Help You Solve This Doubt, And So We Tell You Whether It Is Bad Or Not To Sleep With Bra. One of the most widespread theories that preaches against rest with the bra put is that which claims to produce breast…

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    Bras for Large Breasts Women – 2018 Reviews

    Searching for a comfortable bra is not an easy task for women. Women can change their bra size due to several factors like breastfeeding, pregnancy, and more. With this, you must regularly measure your cup size. Meanwhile, if you have large breasts, it is necessary to consider the support and firmness of your bra. Finding a quality and comfortable bra in the market is one of the challenging activities for women. Do you want to buy the best bras for your needs? Worry no more, since this article can help you. The following are the top bras for large breasts women in 2018. Chantelle Women’s C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Minimizer…

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    Sports bras for big sizes – 4 Mostly questions

    “More sport!”, This is probably one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions far and wide. Is it also on your list? On my “How-is-2018-even-better-than-2017?” Since good intentions should be put into action immediately, and an excuse less never hurts, I start with the preparation: First of all, I have created a training plan that I try to keep as possible. In addition to cardio units, such as jogging and cycling, I have also enrolled for a tummy-legs-butt course. Quickly shopped three sports pants and several functional tops, and you’re ready to go. And the best comes last, the sports bra. I still need a sports bra for big sizes.…

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    Matching with Your Size: Buying Bras Advice

    Size AA to B: Tips for smaller breasts A bra supports the chest and gives it a hold. For women with small bust size, however, these two functions are not in the foreground. This is mainly about the formative and decorative purposes of the brassiere. For example, a small breasts in a bra without straps, a triangle bra, a bandeau bra will show to advantage. Underwired bras bring the bust in shape. On the other hand, shell bras, which are characterized by slightly reinforced cups, provide for a little more volume. If you want to cheat optically a cup size, you best go for the push-up bra, With its padded…

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    How to choose bras for pregnant women?

    Choose bras for pregnant women Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, and also later with breastfeeding, your chest will experience noticeable changes. Therefore, it is important that you invest in a good bra for each stage, mainly to be comfortable but also for your health. Here we offer some ideas to choose your bras. But be careful, not all pregnant women experience the same changes at the same time. First trimester There are women who experience swelling of the breast as one of their first symptoms of pregnancy. If it is your case, even if you do not notice your tummy you should already think about changing bra. Choose a…

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    Is it harmful not to wear a bra during pregnancy?

    During pregnancy, it is not uncommon to feel that the bra bothers. The breasts are growing and at times it seems that it is better not to use it, that is why you may have the doubt of whether it is bad not to wear a bra during pregnancy; We’ll tell you then. The use of the bra in pregnancy One of the things doctors recommend is not to use those bras that have a hoop, because it can be a bit aggressive for the chest area. Keep in mind that the breasts will develop and need a good support, comfortable and that is adaptable to the changes that will…

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    How to wear a neckline without bra

    There are more and more dresses that have a pronounced neckline and many women wonder what may be the best way to wear these clothes without showing the bra. Keep in mind that, in many of these cases, the secret lies in the fact that, basically, bra is not worn but that other methods that enhance the breasts and that are invisible to the eye are chosen. This is the technique used by the celebrities of Hollywood who stroll the red carpet with vertigo necklines, chest enhanced and without the presence of a bra. In this article of a How we are going to discover how to wear a deep…

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    How to choose the most suitable pregnancy bra?

    When you become pregnant, your chest progressively changes in size and you should buy specific pregnancy bras that are comfortable. But how to choose the right one? We give you some tips. Choosing a suitable bra for pregnancy is important, both aesthetically and for breast health. Few women are aware of the importance of wearing the right bra and, often, the chosen size is not the correct one. Another important factor to keep in mind is that, when you get pregnant, your chest increases and, therefore, you will have to change the bra size you were wearing so far. New moms : tips for choose pregnancy bra To help you choose…

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    How to make an easy underwear organizer?

    Can not you get your underwear perfectly neat in your drawers? we propose you a solution to always find the perfect pieces of clothing for every occasion. In the following article we explain how to make an underwear organizer. Put an end to finding odd socks, not see your favorite bra or lose between panties and panties that set that you like so much. With this simple craft, you will have your underwear drawers organized in a few minutes. Easy underwear organizer steps to follow: Measure the drawer where you usually keep your underwear. You will need to know what is your measure, both long and wide, before you can…

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    10 mistakes we made when choosing and wearing bra

    Too tightening the clasp and using the same piece for days in a row are some of the most common mistakes The bra is indispensable in women’s wardrobes, but it is a complicated piece: difficult to find one with perfect trim, difficult to wash and often difficult to be used with certain types of clothing. 1. Choosing a Bra by Bulge Size The correct thing is to choose the size of the back band and the straps. The size of the bulge is not standard, but rather related to the size of the strip. 2. Wear a bra too small Many women buy small bras, which tighten, and find that…